Making Marketing Easier

Like many solopreneurs and freelancers, I've fallen for the belief that you have to be everywhere in order for your marketing to reach more people - every social media channel doing posts, stories, shorts, videos, live videos, reels, carousels, albums, polls, emojis, 24/7/365. And then you have to have a blog, a podcast, an email newsletter, a YouTube Channel, a snail mail publication, and a quarterly postcard to your old alumni mailing list. It was exhausting, impossible to maintain, and ineffective in reaching the right people for my business.

A few years ago, I did an experiment. I evaluated all the marketing efforts I'd been doing to see which ones were getting the most desirable results. I wanted to know what they had in common. What I found ended up being the catalyst for my ideas around helping people identify their unique marketing modality. I discovered that the social media and content marketing content that was working best for me featured me in a speaking situation, usually in the context of me speaking to another individual person or to a camera, and I was in either a role of teaching or counseling. As I started to make these characteristics central to my marketing efforts, my results started to become much more successful than they'd ever been and my marketing activities became much easier than they'd ever been before. 

In this Coffee Break, I share a little bit more about how my own marketing journey eased and opened up once I started working from my own communication strengths and natural influence preferences and situations. As I've explored the same concept with many of my clients since then, we've found that they experience a similar set of results. Marketing becomes less taxing and their goals are attained and surpassed. 

I'd love to have you join the Discover Your Unique Marketing Modality workshops on February 25 and March 4, 2022, on Zoom. Register here: 

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