Do You Have a Motto?

I gave a talk today and shared a strategy I use for creating business opportunities. Central to my strategy is my motto: Show Up, Pay Attention, Participate. I've found that when I do these things as a regular part of my routine, good things tend to come out of it. So I adopted the motto to remind me of my mission and my desire to serve.

I love my motto so much tath I put it on merch. My friend, David Schmaltz says that you should start every creative process with the t-shirt. If the idea translates to the t-shirt, it's usually a good one. Check out the merch here:

I also am announcing my Discover Your Unique Marketing Modality Workshop on February 25th and March 4th. If you want to streamline your marketing process, leverage your innate strengths and preferences, and enjoy a better return with less investment of time and money, this workshop series is for you. Register here:

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