4 Steps to Great Video Marketing - Sheryl Plouffe

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Businesses need video. The problem is videos take time, talent, and technology which makes you feel overwhelmed, confused, and falling behind. Old fashioned marketing isn't going to cut it. You need a multi-platform digital presence that includes video.

Sheryl Plouffe brings 25 years of experience in broadcast media to help six and seven figure businesses raise the bar in their video marketing with a 4-step process she shares in this episode of Your Own Best Company. With insights in the areas of planning, production, publishing, and promotion, Sheryl will show us how to streamline our video marketing process to achieve amazing results.

Sheryl is also an in-demand speaker, motivating teams on personal branding and video marketing. Her live online media simulcast, Cash In On Camera features in-depth interviews with thought leaders, influencers, and experts from around the world.

Download her resources bundle and schedule your first consultation with her by visiting https://sherylplouffe.com.

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