Rediscovering Human Connection – A Conversation with Audrey Holst


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Are you feeling like technology is putting more distance between you and the people and communities who matter to you? Has all of this virtual reality really delivered the kinds of connection we need to thrive? Is content really something that brings us together, or is it a distraction from real connection?

Audrey Holst and I departed from our standard interview format and had a good conversation about these questions and more in this episode of Your Own Best Company. You might have heard Audrey’s recent chat about perfectionism. In her company, Fortitude and Flow, she works with people who have reached a certain level of success and recognition, but who are still living with an uncomfortable level of dissatisfaction with where they have landed. Contact Audrey at

We also talk about returning to real world interactions with new perceptions and insights gained from our time apart, end-of-year rituals, and seasonal traditions. I mention one of my favorite books, The Space Between Us by RuthEllen Josselson, and my quest this year for mutuality.

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