Breaking the Busyness Habit with Rest - Joseph Bennett

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When someone asks you how you’re doing, is your automatic response “I’m so busy”? Have you bought into the trending belief that hustle is worthy of a badge of honor while self-care is only permissible for people who don’t want to accomplish as much? Do you ignore your own warning signs that you’re running out of steam just so you can tick another five items from your to-do list? Is being busy all the time really bringing about the quality of life you most desire? Joseph Bennett would like to challenge these ideas and habits.

Joseph is the author of the forthcoming, Rest, The Art of Doing Less, a self-healing book that looks at our addiction to busyness. He lives in San Miguel de Allende, México with his husband and some-time business partner Eli Hans and their 3 nearly perfect rescue dogs. Joseph can most often be found in his studio making art with other people's trash, sitting by the backyard pond writing poetry or on the hunt for a great cup of strong decaf at local cafes. He also co-hosts the inspired and inspiring podcast Are You Waiting for Permission? with the delightful and amazing Meridith Grundei. 

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