Balancing Solitude and Community - Heather Chavin

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Is it challenging to stay focused, on task, and productive? From your desk chair do you sometimes wish you had someone to bounce an idea off of, or someone to review something you’ve just created and give you feedback? Or maybe it would be nice just to have another human to check in with throughout the day.

In recognizing her own desire for these kinds of connections, Heather Chavin made her first leap into entrepreneurship and created GoGoDone, a virtual connecting and co-working space for a growing variety of remote workers, creatives, and even some who work for corporations and organizations. Since 2019, GoGoDone has grown into a worldwide community of people who offer each other support, accountability, ideas, feedback, and connection around the clock.

In this episode, we’ll hear about how different kinds of people seek connection, how each of us has our own set of needs and preferences when it comes to balancing solitude and connection, and the important differences between solitude and isolation. Heather will introduce you to the ways GoGoDone fills in the gaps for people who are looking for more connection as they work and how her business fills those gaps. 

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