The Science of Persuasion - Cindy Skalicky

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Communication Coach, Cindy Skalicky says, “Introverted public speakers are needed and hard to come by. I want to reach people who have an interest in presenting more but who are unsure how to go about this because it makes them nervous. It does not have to be about getting onto a stage, but often early-stage folks don't even want to share a lot about why they are great at what they do because they feel pushy. I want to help them see the value in preparing messaging for those 'elevator pitch' or 'sales pitch' moments so they can stand in their shoes with confidence and attract more clients.”

Cindy is an expert in rhetorical theory - or the science of persuasion. Her passion lies in taking a message in and teasing it apart to determine its overall effectiveness and persuasiveness. She helps clients understand the power of persuasion by teaching Aristotle's hidden gem of genius, the rhetorical triangle. Cindy is originally from Chicago; she has been a die-hard Cubs fan since her youth and is raising 4 children ranging in age from 12-18. She has coerced her only son to love 80s music almost as much as she does. She and her husband will celebrate 19 years of marriage this year, and they have lived in Ft Collins since 2007.

Cindy is the Founder, Owner, and Head Coach of On Point Communications and she’s coached individuals and groups at all levels of business. Recently featured in two articles on, she has provided high-level coaching services for conference speakers, TED talks, corporate teams, executives, and everyone in between.

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