Connect, Converse, Close with Cat Stancik, The Lead Boss

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Are you ready to toss out complicated overly automated tech and funnels that are expensive and time-consuming to build, never work as well as people told you they would, and honestly make you want to tear your hair out?  

My guest in this episode is Cat Stancik, The Lead Boss.  She's going to share a simple and strategic approach to consistently fill your pipeline with highly qualified leads that are ready to buy, so you can hit your revenue targets predictably and spend your time the way you want.

Known as the Lead Boss, Cat works with time-crunched Experts and Entrepreneurs, who want to multiply their 6 figures over and over again to scale past 7 and beyond.

To download Cat's three-part training, including her one-hour-a-day lead gen strategy, social media swipe file, and close script, visit!