Assessing the Assessments - Joanie Connell, PhD

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If you’ve been paying attention over the past year, there has been an explosion of interest in using online assessments, quizzes, personality tests, and other interactive tools as marketing and sales stimulators. Ryan Levesque’s Quiz Funnel webinars drew a huge crowd of people looking to learn how to create quizzes that would get people past the door of their business and become customers. Interact, a company who offers a platform for quiz design and hosting offers dozens of easy to adapt quiz templates so even the least statistics oriented among us can create a compelling and interesting quiz experience for our social media, websites, email, and anywhere you can copy and paste an html code.

I invited my friend, Dr. Joanie Connell of Flexible Work Solutions, and the Reinventing Nerds Podcast to be our resident expert on all things assessment. Her depth of experience as an organizational psychologist and consultant will help us understand a few of the best assessments available today and what they can tell us, which assessments are great for fun conversation starters but not useful for making hiring decisions, and how to craft your own quiz so that your clients and customers will get great benefit from the results. 

To learn more about Joanie, her services, books, and upcoming appearances and events, please visit And be sure to check out her podcast, Reinventing Nerds, a great resource for leaders in technical fields and organizations (I was guest number one and number fifty!) 

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