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UPDATE: The Reset is no longer in production. I've turned my full attention toward Your Own Best Company. Please enjoy the past episodes of the Reset, and come on over to the new podcast and subscribe!

The Reset with Franklin Taggart is a show about fresh starts. A Reset begins when we slow down, let our minds settle, and we open ourselves to an infinite resource of wisdom, freedom, and creativity. The stories, insights, and interviews that are shared here are intended as a source of inspiration and encouragement. Please subscribe and review!

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I offer a workshop on getting started in podcasting. Many people ask me for advice on buying equipment for their podcast. I've made a list on Amazon of the basic equipment you'll need besides your computer.

I recently heard about a new microphone from Samson that is taking the podcasting world by storm. The Samson Q2U microphone is a USB dynamic microphone that is being used by a whole lot of podcasters. I first heard about it on The Feed podcast when Elsie Escobar was talking about it. The price is right and it sounds good while blocking a large amount of background noise. The feature I like best is that when you hold the mic in your hand to talk it doesn't pick up any noise from your hand. Definitely take a look. The price is great, too!