NEW!!! Nontrepreneur's Biz School Opening in January!

I'm not a natural entrepreneur. Everything I've learned about business has been hard earned knowledge.

I call myself and others like me, Nontrepreneurs. We weren't born with the commerce gene, and most of the time we're pretty mystified by the whole idea of making a living with our creativity at the center of it.

In my music career I wasn't trained to have a small business. So when I graduated from college with a degree in music and business, I had been prepared for a reality that was pretty much already passed.

I had no idea how to do basic business tasks like marketing, promotion, selling, and administration. I was clueless.

For the first few years after college I set music aside and allowed it to be only a hobby. But there was a restlessness that kept me questioning the validity of that decision.

After nearly ten years of unfulfilling day jobs, I just made the decision to make the leap, and I started the transition into my full time music career.

And I failed. 

Not just once.

At my lowest point I was a carpet installer at a Motel 6 in Nashville, covered in dust and sweat, wondering if I was just being a fool.

One year after my stint as a carpet installer I was a full time musician, and I had started to make a sustainable living.

What I had learned in that year made all the difference.

I learned about:

  • Business planning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales processes
  • Promoting my music and gigs
  • Creating more than one income stream
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting
  • And I learned about persistence
I had watched people become successful in music who weren't at the top of the talent list, but they were tenacious and persistent.

They got gigs, they sold CDs, they grew mailing lists, and they flourished.

They became my teachers.

About ten years ago, friends started asking me if I would help them change direction in their careers and to make a leap similar to mine.

I discovered that I enjoyed providing this help as much, if not more than the musical part of my work. 

In the intervening years I've worked with hundreds of people, helping them create stable and sustainable businesses based on their talents.

The challenges we've all faced include:
  • Economic insecurity
  • Cycles of feast and famine
  • Confusion about basic business practices
  • Too much DIY
  • Missing and ineffective systems
  • Overdependence on one particular income stream
  • Limiting behaviors and mindsets
  • Too much isolation
What I learned the hard way is that these challenges don't mean that we're not on the right track, and they don't have to continue to be our experience.

I've been teaching people these principles and practices in individual and small group coaching for a long time, and I want to reach more people.

I've wanted to start a school for a few years now, and I'm ready to open its doors.

The Nontrepreneur's Biz School will be starting in January. It will be a membership subscription group that will be mostly based online.

This school has three goals:
  1. To help you start and grow your creative business.
  2. To help you expand your audience.
  3. To help you increase the sales of your work.
Your membership will include:
  • Weekly group coaching video calls
  • An online group forum for ongoing discussion
  • Up to one hour of individual coaching per month
  • An ongoing series of articles, videos, audios, and courses
  • A supportive community of peers
  • Weekly initiatives to rapidly apply what you are learning
  • An archive of all group calls and shared materials
  • All the skills, tools, and systems you need to start and stabilize your business
If you are a creative professional who has been feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, or downright depressed about your career, I'd encourage you to give this a shot.

Business is not difficult, but there is steady work involved. I will help you sort through all of the things that need to be done so that you will be able to create a thriving business based on your talents and gifts.

Doors will open in January 2019. Will you join us?

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