Listen to your restlessness.
Remember your dreams.
Muster your courage.
Open the door.
Walk to the edge of the tall grass where you can't see beyond.
Make a path where there never was one before.
I'm Franklin.
I never wanted to own a business.
I wanted to play guitar and write songs.
I didn't realize that playing guitar and writing songs could be a business.
I almost took a job selling used cars.
That was the day I decided that I would rather sell my music.
I've failed a lot and learned a lot.
Over time, the learning turned into success.
Now I help creative people figure out their own business thing.
Every one of them is as different as a fingerprint.
I offer no blueprints, templates, or systems.
For me business is only about one thing - helping people.
If I'm playing a song I'm helping people.
If I'm writing an article I'm helping people.
If I'm teaching a class I'm helping people.
The more I help others succeed, the more I succeed.
It isn't any more difficult than that.
I take our relationship more seriously than anything else.
You matter to me more than your business matters to me.
I feel your discouragements, your challenges, your grit and your triumphs.
All of it.
I want everything you experience here to be worth it.
I won't give up on you.
There is nothing about business you can't learn and master.
There are some fundamental truths to learn:
  • Community is the source of all opportunity.
  • You can't follow your passion. Passion is a result, not a cause.
  • Passion IS an indicator that your gifts are engaged.
  • Your gifts aren't the same as your talents.
  • Thinking, feeling, and action are all connected.
  • Your unique skills and resources are a fit for some other people's needs.
  • You can and should be paid for doing things that are second nature to you.
  • Simplicity is most often the best solution.
  • If you wonder if your prices are too low, you're right.
  • If you wonder if your prices are too high, raise them.
  • Marketing is 100% about relationships.
  • Sales is a form of leadership.
  • Business is simply doing things that matter for the people and causes who matter to you.
You don't need a college degree to start and run a successful business. 
A college degree would probably just make it all more confusing.
I have a college business degree.
When I graduated I had no idea how to have a business.
You will learn on your own terms just like I did.
You'll need to be willing to experiment, fail, learn, grow, and adapt.
If you're not humble now, you will be.
This is not for weak and uncommitted people.
This isn't for people who want an easy way out.
This is for persistent, visionary, resilient people who want to make a difference.