I facilitate a variety of discussion groups, classes, workshops and retreats. Below are descriptions of a few of them.

A current schedule of upcoming offerings is available here: Franklin Taggart Gigs & Events

For more information about any of these programs, or to inquire about new program development, please fill our the information request on the Contact tab above. Thank you!

I am available to speak, emcee and present for your event. I have presented for a variety of programs on topics that include:

  • The New Music Business
  • Making Your Own Way
  • Practical Spirituality
  • Deep Creativity
  • Why Art Matters
  • Community Building
  • Imagination, Will and Creativity
  • Defending Against the Dark Arts
  • Oops, sorry, that was in Harry Potter
This is a link to inquire about booking me for speaking, emceeing or presenting: Please send me your event details.

3 Principles Discussion

The 1st and 3rd Monday of every month I host a discussion group focused on an understanding of the 3 Principles at work in our psychological and spiritual experience of life. The Principles were discovered and articulated by a man named Sydney Banks whose spontaneous enlightenment in the early 1970s changed the course of his life, and has impacted thousands of other lives. The 3 Principles are fundamental truths about human life that we all share in common, Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. These three forces work together to create our individual experiences of life. The implications of the 3 Principles understanding are far reaching and transformational.

We meet at Unity of Fort Collins, 1401 W. Vine Dr., Fort Collins at 7PM.


The AUDIENCE! Workshop is a five session course on building a strong community of support for your creative work. Many creative people find it difficult to reach people with their work, talk about their work, promote their work, and sell their work. This workshop provides a simple framework of audience building habits that incorporate tools that you already know how to use. By the time the course is over, you will have already expanded your reach with very little effort. The course is offered in person in Northern Colorado locations, and will be offered in online formats in early 2017. Please sign up to be notified about upcoming sessions and registration.

Making Your Own Way

Making Your Own Way is a six session workshop for people who are ready to discover their own personal path in the world of life and work. It was designed for a group of people who were looking for a more meaningful and fulfilling way to be involved in and serve their communities. The workshop sections help people jumpstart themselves in a new desired direction. Sections include:

**Your Gift and the Difference You're Here To Make
**Doing Things that Matter for the People and Causes that Matter
**Imagination, Will and Creation
**Creating to Serve
**Keeping it Simple While Making It Happen
**Generating and Regenerating Resources

This workshop has been especially resonant for recently graduated college students, and people who are in the middle and late stages of a traditional career path who want to start over again.

Wisdom, Freedom, and Creativity

Wisdom, Freedom, and Creativity is a three day retreat for people who desire more of all three. Is there an area of your life in which you'd like to feel more wise, more free, and more creative? In this retreat you'll discover your own inherent, unlimited source of each. People who participate in this retreat may expect it to be the difference between struggling and thriving. Are you ready to leave behind old habits of confusion, compulsion, and self defeat? Please join me!

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