I've started a vidcast/podcast called Make Your Own Way. It features interviews with professional creatives who are actively carving out their own paths in life and work. You can subscribe to the show in a couple of ways. If you fancy podcasts, the show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict and other podcast platforms. If you'd prefer videos, the YouTube channel is the the subscription for you. Your attention and reviews are much appreciated.

The podcast is being added to iTunes. Until it is available there, it's available on Stitcher, and it's hosted on SoundCloud. If you don't want to add either of those apps to your device, you can most easily listen to the episodes or watch the videos at the Make Your Own Way website.

The Make Your Own Way YouTube channel.

The Make Your Own Way SoundCloud channel.(You may download the episodes from here to any device that plays mp3s.)

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