In 2017 I started a podcast called Make Your Own Way. It was primarily an interview show that started out as a YouTube Channel. I created five episodes for that series before deciding to consolidate my production efforts while broadening the types of content I present.

My podcast is now called The Reset Podcast. When your computer gets sluggish or starts to crash and you call tech support, the first thing they tell you to do is unplug your computer, wait a few minutes and then plug it in and reboot. It's called a system reset. I help people do the same thing in work, in relationships, with money, in business, and just in life. The show will feature practical ways that you can unplug, reset, and reboot so that you'll be in your best mindset as you face life head on.

All the original episodes of Make Your Own Way are here, too. Enjoy!

On iOS devices you can find it on Apple Podcasts, on Android devices I recommend that you try the Podcast Addict app. Otherwise Stitcher is a popular Android podcast app. Also, please subscribe!

Here's the latest episode:

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