My Favorite Pastime

It might look like I'm not doing anything, but I'm having the time of my life!

There are a lot of activities I enjoy. I love reading, going for walks with our dog, cooking breakfast, watching documentaries about creative people, creating stuff, hanging out with my wife and son, and so many more things. But in all honesty, the thing I love doing most is sitting still in a quiet room, and letting my imagination run wild. I can go anywhere, be anyone, have anything, and do whatever I want in my imagination.

Stillness, silence, and imagination are the most potent tools in my toolbox. The first two are restorative in and of themselves. I crave solitude for that reason and more. If I'm feeling upset or anxious or worried, stillness and silence help me to get centered and to ground myself. But the fun part is when I stop just letting my random thoughts capture my attention, and I start to create wonderful worlds in my mindspace.

The body doesn't distinguish between real and imagined. My emotions follow my thoughts, and if I am focusing on what is happening around me, and in the "real" world, I generally feel pretty low, and out of control. If I want to change my mood, I find that is easy to do if I have some time to go more deeply into my imagination.

In my mind I can be extraordinarily rich, and exceptionally talented, I can conquer, and I can love, and there are no limits at all. I can imagine scary stuff, and fun stuff, and big stuff, and small stuff, and whatever I imagine becomes the way that I feel.

The real world benefit of this playtime is that by using my imagination in this way, I can see outside of the box and bring fresh possibilities to any situation. I can see a way where there isn't one, and I can touch my finger to people's foreheads and help them see. I'm also generally pretty optimistic, and I experience the world as a place of infinite abundance instead of limited resources.

My imagination needs care and feeding. Whatever I allow to show up in there becomes my emotional experience. I'm not going to allow toxic imagery or story lines to have any space there. I can be as enlightened in my own imagination as I want to be. I can experience the uplift of seeing myself as competent and courageous, and as loving and successful. But it takes a certain kind of willingness. I have to turn my attention away from the thoughts and situations that are disturbing or troubling, as compelling as they might be. I have to cover over that canvas with a new painting, of a more desirable scene. Whatever I paint becomes my emotional reality.

Life is exactly what you think it is, no matter what actually happens. Sit still, be quiet, and let your imagination take you higher and wider instead of lower and narrower.

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