September...uh, Maybe October Update

Hi Friends,

Summer went by so fast that I still think it's late July. That's what happens when you're doing so many cool things. For the past year I've been increasingly consumed with the AUDIENCE! Workshop. The live workshops have been wonderful, and the first online edition also was a delight. For me it's been interesting to find an area of focus that I enjoy so much. I haven't had that kind of experience since I got my first guitar for Christmas when I was 13. Helping my friends to expand the reach and impact of their creative work has become something that I wake up thinking about, fill my days imagining and building, and have trouble going to sleep as new inspiration creeps in.  It's exhilarating!

I just started a free part of the AUDIENCE! Workshop called Tips & Tools. Every Monday I'll send out a new tip and tool in response to a challenge that some of the participants and other clients of mine have expressed. Sometimes the tools will be from talks and presentations I've given in the community. I hope that they will be simple to understand and that you'll be able to put them to immediate use. You can sign up for them here.

Starting in October I'm going to be offering some business workshops for artists at Lola's Fresh Patina on the first Saturday of each month from 9-noon. The themes are:

Oct. 7th Getting Ready for Holiday Selling

Nov. 4th Giving Thanks to your Patrons

Dec. 2nd Speeding Up the Slow Season

Registration and more details about each workshop are available here.

Finally, there will be music! I'll be at DeliWorks for the first time in a while on Sept. 29th from noon until 2. I'm excited to be joining Rosann Winn for that gig. She's an excellent singer and songwriter, and I know you'll love her. In addition to her own music, she is a powerhouse singer in jazz, blues, torch, and more. It'll be fun, and you'll enjoy the great food, too!

Sept. 30 I'm going to be playing some music for a fundraiser. My friend, Jennie Milner at Artworks has been working on creating a great mural in downtown Loveland that will bring students from a couple of local high schools together for their first public art project. It's a sweet opportunity, and the city has created a matching grant program for projects like these, so we're taking them up on their offer. There are a lot of equipment rentals and purchases to consider, as well as the supplies of paint, brushes, rollers and other tools. The total budget for the project is $10,000.00, and about 40% of the total has been raised so far. If you'd like to donate, please check out Jennie's website, where you'll find not only more information about the mural, but also all of the cool creativity that she brings into the world. The fundraiser will be at the Laureate Publick House in Loveland at 2PM on the 30th.

Coming up...

The AUDIENCE! Workshop will be showing up at least once more before year's end. I'll make an announcement as soon as logistics have been arranged. I'm also working to release an online self study version of the workshop, too.

Taggart & Silas are thrilled to be playing a show at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins on November 9th at 8. I'll be selling tickets, and they'll be going on sale at Avo's box office in October. We hope to have more exciting news about that night...

Thanks to Loveland Downtown Alliance, and the Loveland Art Studio Tour and Sale for inviting me to speak recently. I really enjoyed my time with you!