Next AUDIENCE! Workshop Starts Online August 1!

I've always been pretty reluctant and timid about the business side of my work. It wasn't a problem of not knowing what to do, I had the skills, but when it came time to let people know what I was doing, I wouldn't do it. Or I would do a half assed job of it. Over time I developed a useful framework that helped me get past this tendency. People started to show up for my events, and I started to expand my community much more easily. As I started coaching creatives I found that they all were faced with a similar tendency. That's when the AUDIENCE! Workshop was born.

This is different from the business seminars that you may have already attended. I have attended so many of them over the years, and while they were good for conventional businesses, I found a disconnect with the creative work that I do. If you're like me, you put a lot of heart in your creating, and you want it to really mean something to people. It's a much more intimate and personal exchange. So in the AUDIENCE! Workshop I make sure that the value of creative work is held high, and we discover ways to reveal that value to the communities we serve.

The next group session will begin online on August 1st at 6:30PM Mountain Time. We'll meet every Tuesday evening in August through the ZOOM videoconferencing platform. I limit the number of participants to 12 people, so registration is encouraged soon. Past participants in the program have included artists, authors, photographers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, gallery owners, publishers, and more. If you're an independent creative who would rather spend the majority of your time creating instead of businessing, this workshop is for you.

Your participation in the workshop doesn't end after the last class. We have an ongoing Facebook group in which you can see what other people are doing, and you can try new things, and get helpful feedback. You'll also be encouraged to participate in future workshop sessions at no additional cost. Finally, workshop participants will also receive a follow up individual coaching session with me that will help you integrate the workshop framework into your individual practice.