Artist to Artist Series History and This Month's Show

I started Artist to Artist in 2013 after realizing that the art scene and music scene in Northern Colorado didn't have much overlap in terms of audience. There were music people and there were art people. The artists and musicians didn't appear to be aware of that. I thought that creating a series that would cross those lines would be a cool experiment. Over the years we've only done a few shows, mostly due to my time demands, but the shows we've had have accomplished what I'd hoped they would. Visual artists are reaching music fans, and musicians are reaching art fans, and the participants find mutual inspiration through the work of the other. I'm hoping to continue the series in various galleries and music venues around the region.

This Friday, January 27, I'm excited to share the evening with two of my favorites, poet/musician Jeff Finlin, and painter Matthew Fredricey. We'll be doing a collaborative show from 6-8PM at Lola's Fresh Patina in Loveland. A collaborative show is one in which all of us will be working in tandem with each other to create the experience as we go. Matt will be painting while Jeff and I each take turns reading or singing. There's no preconceived set list. What happens there will be a unique event, never to be repeated in exactly the same way. Lola's space feels homey and welcoming, so the feel of the evening will be much like a house concert. Suggested donation for the evening is $10 per person.

Matthew Fredricey's paintings are psycho-spiritual landscapes that travel through as many dimensions as a flat surface can hold. His work is vivid, brightly colored, and metaphysical with multiple levels of meaning. Matt currently has a show hanging at Lola's that you'll be able to see while you're there. Be sure to ask him about the works that grab your attention. The stories are as interesting as the paintings themselves.

Jeff Finlin is a man of many talents. Last year he released a book of prose called The Seduction of Radha, a musical retrospective of his 27 year career in songwriting called Life After Death, a yoga program for people in recovery from addiction called RecoverYoga, and a book from that program called 365 Days of Recovery Yoga. All this in addition to making a few music videos, playing two tours in Europe and the UK, and painting houses on the side. His poetry and music reveal a person who's willing to see the gold in hard times as much as in transcendent times. Archtypal imagery and spiritual themes of temptation and redemption are a fine compliment to Matt's painting.

I'll be along for the ride, sharing some of my new songs as well as a few aging ones. I find in Jeff and Matt two people who can articulate my spiritual understanding and vision as well or better than I can. They are simpatico. I invite you to bring your presence into the fray. I expect it will be a fine time, both moving and irreverently humorous.

Lola's Fresh Patina is located at 1349 Cleveland Avenue in Loveland, immediately south of Eisenhower/34.